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Pellet burners

Pellet burners produced by Pelltech can replace the oil burners in existing heating system or be a heart in the new pellet heating system. Our burners can be used with most of the solid fuel or liquid fuel boilers. The boiler do not need any rebuilding, because an ordinary oil burner flange is used for attaching the burner to a boiler.
Quality and reliable components give the burner a long life-time. Unique electrical ignition and automatic choice of power-level output make using this burner very easy and comfortable all year-round.

Video: How to replace the oil burner with pellet burner

PV pellet burner advantages:

  • One-point ignition: less power is needed for ignition, less fume comes up, ignition is faster

  • Using feeder auger insures unvaried fuel transportation into the burning chamber and thereof also equable burning

  • Air distribution in all power levels: primary and secundary air are optimally distributed

  • Intelligent power control: the burner selects itself a suitable output power level accordind to need of warmness

  • Using a hot burning chamber insures absolute burning, small emmissions and high efficiency

  • Details which are in contact with fire are made from heat-proof stainless steel

  • High-quality components

Protection against back-burning:
  • Safety thermostat

  • Periodic work of internal auger in standby mode

  • Melting hose

  • Interface : the burner gives clear information about the actual statuses and displays tooling parameters in the screen

  • Compatibility with oil boilers: the burners are compatible with oil boilers by mounting and by electrical connections